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Geraldine Moriba

Geraldine Moriba ('19)

president and executive producer, Moriba Media, New York

How can journalists effectively use artificial intelligence to identify patterns of bias, polarization and selective editorial reporting? Can AI de-bias journalism?

Geraldine Moriba is a documentary filmmaker, broadcast news executive, writer, and founder of Moriba Media. She is the executive producer of two major PBS multiplatform initiatives: “Chasing the Dream” and “Peril and Promise.” Prior to launching her own media business, she held a blended role as an executive producer with CNN’s original program development team and as vice president of inclusion. Under her watch, CNN attained its highest diverse audience levels ever and ranked No. 1 across cable news with black, Hispanic and Asian viewers. She is the director and writer of “Until 20,” an independent documentary about James Ragan, a young athlete diagnosed with a rare cancer. She has received Emmy Awards, an Alfred I. DuPont Award, Peabody Awards, RTNDA-Unity Awards and New York Film Festival awards. She was awarded a Visiting Ferris Professorship of Journalism at Princeton University and is the second recipient of the Anita Hill Gender Justice Award.

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