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Mandy Jenkins

Mandy Jenkins ('19)

editor-in-chief, Storyful, New York

Newsrooms may only be able to understand how they "lost" their audience to "fake news" by actually talking to those people.

Mandy Jenkins was the first editor-in-chief at Storyful, where she oversaw an editorial team that worked with newsrooms to find, verify and publish eyewitness media and social insights from around the world. She previously worked as managing editor of the Project Thunderdome newsroom for Digital First Media, which supported more than 200 local newspapers across the U.S. in producing digital journalism projects. Previously, she coordinated the Off the Bus citizen journalism program as a social news editor for politics at The Huffington Post and worked as social media editor for TBD, a Washington, D.C.-area local news startup. She also worked in several digital news roles at the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She serves on the board of directors of the American Society of News Editors and is president of the Online News Association’s board of directors.

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