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Peter DiCampo

Peter DiCampo ('19)

photojournalist and co-founder, Everyday Africa, Seattle

Examining how photography and visual journalism may be used to deconstruct and counter media stereotypes.

Peter DiCampo is a freelance photojournalist and the co-founder of the acclaimed Everyday Africa project. He began his career as a Peace Corps Volunteer living in rural Ghana, and has been working primarily in Africa for over a decade, reporting for the world’s leading publications while also working on long-term projects focused on international development and energy access. In his role as co-president of Everyday Africa, he is a contributing photographer, writer, curator, classroom curriculum designer and co-editor. He is the recipient of grants and awards from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Magnum Foundation, the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Open Society Foundations and Pictures of the Year International (POYi). His photography has been exhibited internationally, including in solo shows at galleries in London, New York and Rio de Janeiro. He earned a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Boston University. He is based in Seattle and Nairobi.

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