Joseph Poliszuk

Joseph Poliszuk ('20)
Joseph Poliszuk
JSK Press Freedom Fellow
editor and co-founder,, Caracas, Venezuela

Joseph Poliszuk is a JSK Press Freedom Fellow. When selected as a fellow he was an editor and a co-founder of, a media outlet dedicated exclusively to investigative journalism in Venezuela. He has published findings about landmines on Venezuelan soil, local corruption and minerals’ trafficking.

He is a three times finalist of the Latin American Award for Investigative Journalism and has collaborated with the newspaper El Pais in Spain, where he had a scholarship. He has also worked for the Venezuelan newspapers El Nacional and El Universal.

Five years ago, he founded his own outlet when the newspaper where he worked was bought by an offshore company that changed the editorial voice in favor of the government and established censorship. now includes nearly 20 professionals at the forefront of investigative journalism in Venezuela.

In November 2018, he received the Knight International Journalism Award, which distinguishes excellent reporting that makes a difference in the lives of people around the world.

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