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Class of 2022

Fellows are listed alphabetically, with original titles and employers from their fellowship year.

About Paulette Brown-Hinds
Paulette Brown-Hinds
JSK Community Impact Fellow
publisher, Black Voice News; co-founder, Media in Color
Riverside, California

Enabling the Black press in California to do solutions-focused, data reporting about racial justice and equity.

About Lawrence Daniel Caswell
Lawrence Daniel Caswell
JSK Community Impact Fellow
field coordinator, Cleveland Documenters
Cleveland, Ohio

Equipping communities of color in Cleveland with information and tools that help them gain more access to and participation in their city government’s decisions.

About Celeste Fremon
Celeste Fremon
JSK Community Impact Fellow
founder and editor, WitnessLA
Los Angeles, California

Working with community members to produce investigative reporting of criminal justice issues affecting Los Angeles County’s communities of color.

About Simon Galperin
Simon Galperin
JSK Community Impact Fellow
founding director, Bloomfield Information Project
Bloomfield, New Jersey

Creating a community-driven information marketplace to address a lack of local news and information for working class and people of color.

About Geoffrey King
Geoffrey King
JSK Community Impact Fellow
founder and executive editor, Open Vallejo
Vallejo, California

Expanding local accountability journalism that exposes police violence and government corruption, and supports community-driven change.

Jennifer Larino
Jennifer Larino
 JSK Community Impact Fellow
co-founder and president, Lede New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana

Creating a community-driven media lab that puts listening and earning reader trust at the center of its mission.

About Sara Lomax-Reese
Sara Lomax
JSK Community Impact Fellow
president and CEO, WURD Radio
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Using WURD’s two-way talk format to identify and create deep-dive journalism that better serves Philadelphia’s Black community.

About David Rodríguez Muñoz
David Rodríguez Muñoz
JSK Community Impact Fellow
photo editor, The Salinas Californian
Salinas, California

Creating an information system to serve the underserved indigenous Latino communities of Monterey County.

About Jodi Rave Spotted Bear
Jodi Rave Spotted Bear
JSK Community Impact Fellow
executive director, Indigenous Media Freedom Alliance
Halliday, North Dakota

Creating an independent local news source for residents of the Fort Berthold Reservation, where currently information sources are controlled by tribal government.

About Sonam Vashi
Sonam Vashi
JSK Community Impact Fellow
co-founder and operations director, Canopy Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Listening, training, and partnering with Atlanta’s working-class immigrant communities to strengthen information ecosystems and civic participation.

Senior Community Impact Fellows

About Maritza L. Félix
Maritza L. Félix
JSK Senior Community Impact Fellow
Founder, Conecta Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
About Lyndsey Gilpin
Lyndsey Gilpin
JSK Senior Community Impact Fellow
Publisher and executive editor, Southerly
Louisville, Kentucky
About Brittany Harley
Brittany Harley
JSK Senior Community Impact Fellow
Founder, Five Wards Media
Co-Founder, Newark News & Story Collaborative  
Newark, New Jersey
About Kate B. Maxwell
Kate B. Maxwell
JSK Senior Community Impact Fellow
Publisher, The Mendocino Voice 
Ukiah, California

Senior International Fellow

About Roman Badanin
Roman Badanin
JSK Senior International Fellow
founder and editor-in-chief, Agentstvo
Palo Alto, California