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Alex Goldmark

Alex Goldmark
JSK Journalism Fellow
New York, New York

Alex Goldmark is the executive producer for Planet Money at NPR. During his time at Planet Money, the team launched its weekly broadcast radio show; video shorts series; newsletter; and won a Peabody and a duPont-Columbia award.

At NPR he has overseen the launch of NPR’s first daily podcast, The Indicator, and NPR’s first TikTok channel. He advises on other NPR projects, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning No Compromise series, which was co-hosted by a former student of his (his proudest professional achievement).

Before NPR, Alex was a lead producer for Note To Self, a tech show and podcast produced by WNYC. There he also produced two daily morning news shows, several political call-in talk radio programs and a religion program. As a reporter, his work has appeared on NPR, Marketplace, WNYC and Air America Radio, to name a few.