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Çınar Oskay

Çınar Oskay
JSK Journalism Fellow
Istanbul, Turkey

Çınar Oskay is content director of Gain Media, a video streaming platform launched in late 2020. He leads a documentary team that has produced programs on immigration, climate change and social and cultural events in Turkey. 

Oskay is former editor-in-chief of the weekend papers of Hürriyet, Turkey’s leading newspaper that, at the time, was one of the most independent news sources in the country. When it was bought by a pro-government businessman, he was among many staff members who were fired for refusing to bend their journalism to support the Erdogan regime. 

Previously, Oskay was the editor-in-chief of Radikal Sunday, Tempo, and managing editor of Milliyet and presented a weekend talk-show on CNNTurk. His book “June: A Journalistic Account of the Gezi Protests” was published in 2014. Oskay also is a consultant with DoganBurda Magazine Group.