Sahar Speaks! Reporting by Afghan women

I am delighted to report that Sahar Speaks! (@Sahar_Speaks) has wings. I am collaborating with the International Women’s Media Foundation in D.C. to turn the program into a reality. We are currently seeking funding, and hope to begin Sahar Speaks! this year. We are eyeing a group of 10-15 Afghan female journalists, who will receive training throughout the course of one year. They will also be paired with mentors – international, experienced female correspondents – who will guide and work with them on multimedia stories. These will be published by foreign news outlets with a global reach, giving their stories the worldwide attention they deserve. Afghanistan has 2,000 female journalists. But zero work at the foreign news organizations in Kabul. Sahar Speaks! will change that. 

Amie Ferris Rotman

Knight Talk: Amie Ferris-Rotman

The prolific international coverage of women's lives in Afghanistan has lacked an important perspective. Amie Ferris-Rotman set out to change that.

Next steps

Besides the most pressing next step – finding funding – I am working on the precise contents of Sahar Speaks! Training programs, timeline and structure.

I am also thinking of ways to build a social media campaign that will reach as many people as possible: both Afghan female correspondents and those who want to help and be part of the program.

Sahar Speaks! is the result of a year long effort to resolve a challenge to journalism.  Learn more about this challenge during the exploration and refinement phases of the process.