Voyz.es: An audio-sharing site for Spanish-speaking journalists

Voyz.es will provide a way to record, transcribe, edit, store, share and discover audio interviews. It will enable journalists to find valuable information in raw content not used in other stories. I am working with a developer and designer on the initial prototype, which we expect to finish soon. Several journalists in North and Latin America have agreed to test Voyz.es and the Spanish organization PorCausa.org will help spread the word. We want to help journalists share and use each other’s unedited recordings of interviews. Think of it as a DocumentCloud designed for voices. In addition, Voyz.es will have crowdsourced index to archived audio conversations. Journalists will be able to easily find unedited audio interviews from several countries. Ultimately, my goal for Vozy.es is to help increase transparency and public sharing of information.

Ana María Carrano

Knight Talk: Ana María Carrano

With Voyz.es, Ana María Carrano wants to help journalists record, transcribe and share their interviews.

I have received advice and help from the following people this year:

  • Jürgen Fesslmeier is the programmer who is developing the website and its upload features.
  • Mara Behrens is the creative director who is working on the UI/UX and branding.

Next steps

  • Finish the prototype
  • Conduct user testing
  • Find funding to take this beyond prototype

Voyz.es is the result of a year long effort to resolve a challenge to journalism. Learn more about this challenge during the exploration and refinement phases of the process.