Identifying bias in cable news

Top Immigration Coverage Dates

How are biases in cable news programs contributing to the rise in polarization in the U.S.? Can artificial intelligence be used to monitor and analyze bias?

If artificial intelligence is a solution for journalism, bias is its Achilles Heel


Can artificial intelligence-assisted programs spot the bias in reporting and flag it before it is published?

Rethinking journalism at Stanford and other adventures

Magnetic clock at Green Library

A meditation in five spurts.

Five not-so-easy lessons for becoming a real human again

Reasons are Bullshit

Being at Stanford these past few months has been humbling in so many ways — being surrounded by young geniuses will do that — but nothing has hit me harder than realizing I didn’t know myself.

What Andy Warhol can teach us about immersive storytelling

Warhol's "The Witch"

Beyond the iconic images he’s most famous for, Warhol also had a striking influence on how we see and experience art, photography and film that feels extremely relevant as we experiment with new technology in storytelling.

From viral to sustainable?

A selection of photos from some of the many feeds on Instagram that make up The Everyday Projects

Exploring business models to support a global community of photographers.

Investigative Phishing

Kremlin Meeting

How to automate the process of investigating reporting and identify wrongdoings by all “Big Fishes”.

How to have a better brainstorming meeting

Brainstorming session

How would you run a meeting if you wanted to encourage your team to produce the most novel and inspiring ideas? How can you make sure you don’t create obstacles to group creativity?

Freedom from Perfection


What cooking and calligraphy taught me about Confidence

Let’s do some samizdat!

Proekt Media

This is paradoxical, but the situation in the Russian media is deplorable and encouraging at the same time. Why it is deplorable, is clear. The reasons for hope are somewhat more complicated.

What can we learn from talking about race on public radio?

Interview transcripts

What I heard in seven interviews with Ijeoma Oluo

Resilience and vulnerability: Necessary tools for the future of journalism (& life)

Quiet night at Stanford

The gems gleaned from late nights in lecture halls and in sporting venues have gone a long way in helping establish a framework to determine what happens next.

Growing fast and slow: What have I learned after a year at Stanford?

Stanford Band

I’ve been exposed to world-class speakers, been given time to think and write, sat across a table from thought leaders and sat in classes with future Fortune 100 CEOs.

The power of identity

Michelle Holmes, VP of content for Alabama Media Group

What Alabama Media Group can teach us about clarifying who we are

Five risks of news personalization

Instant Photos

Here are the most dangerous ethical traps of personalized news service that media organizations should be aware of. And why a tailored approach for individuals is still necessary.

It’s about people, not only algorithms


How I changed the way I approached the challenge of fostering collaboration among investigative journalists

How to solve the local news crisis? Look it up in the library.


Libraries and local journalism have a lot in common. They both provide insight, bind a community together and, of course, serve information needs.

A Survival Kit For Journalists Of Colour

Michael Grant working on the Toolkit for Journalists of Color in Stanford’s Green Library

From quick fire, in-the-moment responses for everyday racist microaggressions, to deliberative exercises that help you build community and recruit allies in the newsroom, the Toolkit for Journalists of Color is designed to help us survive in predominantly white newsrooms.

Announcing a new journalism entrepreneurship boot camp: Let’s “reboot the media” together


I’m looking for a few passionate reporters to help me pilot the program.

Love and Tech: Leading Disruptive Design

IT Date

Most people would not put the words “IT Department” and “dating” in the same sentence. But it’s the unusual approach of Stanford’s that led me and my team to that unlikely combination.

A journalism innovation and entrepreneurship reading list

Lunch with the Sembra Media founders in Austin, Texas.

“This should be easy!,” I thought, given that I’ve spent the last nine months at one epicentre of journalism innovation and entrepreneurship.