How black audiences are more at risk of misinformation and media illiteracy

Can countering news deserts and encouraging media literacy help solve the problem?

Zimbabwe’s media quagmire

I will spend my year exploring experiments in local journalism sustainability and collaboration, to support newsrooms in Zimbabwe with new ways to tell stories and engage communities.

Is demography destiny?

How bias works in the 21st Century.

Five ideas we need to ‘unlearn’ to build resilient media organizations


What a dance class at Stanford taught me about destabilization, chaos and journalism.

The world needs a new journalism project

India newspaper

Journalism, as it is currently celebrated in prizes and taught in universities, is too US-centric.

What talking to artists taught me about immersive journalism

SFMOMA Art Installation

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” — Pablo Picasso

Lessons for a creative life

Habits on Post-It Notes

Healthy habits from my JSK Fellowship year that I’ll take with me back to my freelance life.

Thinking in multiple frames

Former Plantation

How journalism can be more collaborative.

How to engage teenagers with the news

Washington High School

Going into schools to mix street art, journalism and media literacy.

Six lessons from my deepfake research at Stanford

How should we journalists address the growing problem of synthetic media?

Closing the gap with readers: an end to business as usual in journalism

News organizations need to be more accessible and transparent to bridge the growing divide between them and audiences.

The Only Way Out Is Through

How the JSK Journalism Fellowship is teaching me to learn to lean on others.

Drive change and improve trust

How might understanding a community’s information needs, values, and sources grow audiences and expand reach in historically underserved communities?

Only Good Time Runs Fast


There is only one bad thing about JSK Fellowship: One day it ends. How I achieved my goals as a JSK Fellow at Stanford.

The Pivot


How might we improve access and credibility in historically-underserved communities: Diversity, audience engagement, and impact?

Artificial Intelligence and Education


How AI can serve as the subject of an investigation or as a reporting tool for journalism.

Promoting Transparency and Trust in Journalism


How the careful use of creative tools can strengthen storytelling.

What we talk about when we talk about local

The Devil Strip V2

How we can make cities better by making local news better.

Using Artificial Intelligence to hold power to account

AI Robot

Technology can help illuminate dark corners of political funding in Africa.

Three views on the ways to provide better news to everyone

Three Views

Media experts Nic Newman, Rodney Benson, and Heather Bryant discuss how we can improve a media landscape which tends to reserve quality journalism for people who pay for it.

We cracked the Panama Papers with 400 human brains. Can AI help us next time?

Puzzle Pieces

A new partnership between journalists and Stanford machine learning scientists aims to enhance the investigative reporting process. Here’s what we learned so far.