Knight Fellow Danyel Smith on mastering social media

Danyel Smith's social media presentation

“Always be connected,” Smith told Knight Fellows yesterday. “Social media is a lifestyle.”

Fellow from Pakistan discovers Silicon Valley is also a state of mind

Students in Pakistan have new ideas but kill them when they think of the resources they will need. Others think there is nothing new to create.

Knight gets second chance at making the best of Stanford

Eric Ortiz graduating from Stanford

Life at Stanford as a husband and father is a little different from roaming The Farm as a single, wet-behind-the-ears freshman in 1992.

The Syrian conflict … in 5 minutes

During my year as a John S. Knight Fellow, I developed a news animation studio that produces videos that explain complex topics in five minutes or less.

A fig tree turns out to be a ‘disruptive’ element

Knight Fellow Adriana Garcia says a fig tree at her Palo Alto house reminds her of the one in her grandmother's backyard in Spain.

The tree “made me think of my Spanish grandma. … her love poured especially into the fig jams she prepared at the end of every summer.”

Venture capitalist gives a peek into his profession

John Glynn, founder and managing director of Glynn Capital management

Only a fraction of the thousands of small companies vying to attract venture capital make it to the next level. For media companies, the bar is even higher.

What makes Stanford special? Learning and doing are closely linked

Two boys in a remote village in Sierra Leone

What I think makes Stanford special is its commitment to frame these courses as project-based efforts to find real solutions.

I am the architect of my year … next up, the rest of my life

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Here in the Knight Fellowship, I don’t necessarily work less than I did at my job. I work different.

Tracking down the ancestry of First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama as a baby with parents and brother

Rachel Swarns describes what she learned when she explored First Lady Michelle Obama’s family tree.

Can journalism and gaming technology ever be friends?

Game designer Noah Falstein

“From both the linear (movies, TV, news) and that interactive side, we’re learning to grow together a little bit.” – Noah Falstein, game designer

Is seeing believing?

Sam Stewart

My aim is to research existing and emergent tools that identify digital manipulations to help media vet and verify images before publishing.

Journalists talk about life in the Knight Fellowships

Fellows view election results

“Looking for finding new ways to do what I do was really attractive. The full-time job here is to look at ways to disrupt and innovate.”

Making sure news and information gets to ALL the public

Latoya Peterson writes about the digital divide

How do we bridge the digital divide? And can technology be leveraged to find users who are not in the market for news and information?

Abraham Verghese: balancing passions

Dr. Abraham Verghese with patients.

“Writing is part of being a doctor. I write to understand what I am thinking, to reflect on what happened.” – Abraham Verghese

Lessons from Mavericks

Surfers at Mavericks

It was hard not to imagine all the courage, experience, and dedication it takes to challenge the ocean at this level.

How to redesign the beat for engagement, impact, and accountability

Andrew Donohue

Instead of going to the candidates and talking to them about their agendas, we flipped it. We made a public call: We’re coming to your neighborhood. Show us what needs fixing.

How to secure your digital perimeter

Eva Galperin

What’s at stake is not only your personal safety but the entire web of people who trust you with their information.

Connecting the diverse communities among Latinos

Mary Aviles on Stanford campus

I see a great opportunity for the different communities under the Latino umbrella to learn more about each other.

On the digital security front line

Melissa Chan on digital security

When hackers regularly bamboozle the IT departments of multinational corporations, my challenge is to determine how a lone player like myself can maximize my utility in this online battle.

Catching up on all the news you’ve missed: Mission impossible?

Marie-Catherine Beuth prototyping

It is very helpful to think of all the different ways one can try to solve a problem. Suddenly, I don’t see three doors open but seven or eight.

Building a jigsaw puzzle of Chinese social life

Li Xiaoming at Starbucks on the Stanford campus

Because China is so big, the Internet would be a good place to collect stories of changes in the social life of everyday people.