How we’re financing meaningful journalism

Jeremy Adam Smith

I launched an exploratory survey to discover how journalists are getting their most important work done in an age of shrinking resources.

Eighteen days in Egypt: Creating a crowd-sourced documentary

2011 Knight Fellow Jigar Mehta

Can we tell the story of the Egyptian revolution with the same tools that helped share it with the world in real time?

Dan Archer on comics journalism

Dan Archer on comics journalism

Knight Fellow Dan Archer recently spoke with Stanford journalism students about visual storytelling.

Inside Pulse, the news app

Ankit Gupta, Pulse

Pulse founders Ankit Gupta and Akshay Kothari created the visual news reader last spring as students in the Stanford’s Launch Pad class.

A quest to use mobile for citizen reporting

Jenka Soderberg

In this short video, Soderberg discusses her project that will allow citizen journalist to report to their local newsroom whats happening in their neighborhood.

My Eureka moment

Congolese children

After 20 amazing years with the news agency as a foreign correspondent, bureau chief and manager, I saw the next phase of my career: A journalist who would advocate for the empowerment of women and girls.

The life of one Knight, so far …

Knight Fellows Hugo Soskin, Dan Archer and Paddy Hirsch

Here’s February knocking on the door and I’m wondering where all my carefully chronicled Knight exploits have gone. So here’s my attempt to sum up what’s happened over the last few weeks at Stanford.

Fellow wins grant for social news game

2011 Knight Fellow Seda Muradyan

In this short video, Knight Fellow Seda Muradyan discusses her dream of launching a social news game to encourage citizen journalists in Armenia.

Thinking about starting a news venture?

Adriano Farano spoke to the Knight Fellows last night about his experience starting the multilingual European news website CaféBabel.

Ideate or die?

Designer in Society Class

Stanford’s urges us to work up some ideas, sketch them out on a few pages and start road-testing them. And if those ideas suck, try some others – after all, the only way to find out what works is to ideate, ideate, ideate.

Start doing, stop thinking brainstorming session

I was sitting at my laptop in the center atrium of Stanford’s design school when I spotted my professor, Bernie Roth. He gave me a serious look: “I hope you’re not thinking.” “No, no, no,” I assured him, shuffling some papers in an effort to create some semblance of activity. Yep, here at one of the world’s most prestigious universities, …

The power of design thinking

Design thinking is a mindset and a process. One that roughly follows the path of Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

Jonathan Zittrain and astroturfing

I’m going to post pages from my sketchbook from some of the lectures I attend this semester. Last night’s was part of the Liberation Technology series and featured Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain discussing the ethical pitfalls and perils of crowdsourced jobs.

Zen and the art of course selection


Every day I’d get emails or see flyers or hear about a lecture by some famous person, a film screening, a seminar by a leading economist, an art showing or a luncheon that would be great to go to. Except I had class.

Paul Radu: Building a collaboration tool for investigative journalists

2010 Knight Fellow Paul Radu

Radu (’10) discusses the Investigative Dashboard website, part of an international initiative to encourage collaborative trans-national investigative reporting.

Susanne Rust: Creating a social news game

2010 Knight Fellow Susanne Rust

Rust (’10) discusses HearSay, a social news game that encourages users to curate and share stories.

Teru Kuwayama: Testing new models for covering military operations

2010 Knight Fellow Teru Kuwayama

Kuwayama (’10) discusses the One-Eight Project, which will combine original reporting from Afghanistan with aggregated reports from diverse sources and use the social web as its distribution medium.

Krissy Clark: Experimenting with location-aware storytelling

2010 Knight Fellow Krissy Clark

Clark (’10) pursued several projects as she explored new forms of storytelling and news-gathering, using mobile phones and location-aware tools.

Lydia Lim: Fighting journalistic self-censorship in Singapore

2010 Knight Fellow Lydia Lim

Lim (’10) discusses ways to empower journalists in Singapore to be stronger and not censor their work.

John Duncan: Delivering personalized news on smart phones

2010 Knight Fellow John Duncan

Duncan (’10) discusses Audionewspaper, and app that delivers personalized news to people on their smart phones.

Christine Larson: Helping freelance journalists thrive

2010 Knight Fellow Christine Larson

Larson (’10) discusses The Future of Freelancing Conference, an unprecedented two-day gathering of freelance journalists, top editors, agents and experts at Stanford.