Geoff McGhee: Documenting emerging uses of data visualization

2010 Kinght Fellow Geoff McGhee

McGhee (’10) discusses his multimedia project, Journalism in the Age of Data.

Alfonso Cuellar: Equipping journalists covering political transitions

2010 Knight Fellow Alfonso Cuellar

Cuellar (’10) discusses the challenges of covering political transitions.

Nadia Trinidad: Fighting media corruption in the Philippines

2010 Knight Fellow Nadia Trinidad

Trinidad (’10) discusses her initiative that focuses on the seeds of corruption among journalists in her country: low wages.

Veronica Anderson: Connecting schools and communities

2010 Knight Fellow Veronica Anderson

Anderson (’10) discusses ways to virtually connect families, schools and local communities around their common goals for students’ growth and academic success.

Justin Arenstein: Exploring new journalism models for Africa

2010 Knight Fellow Justin Arenstein

Arenstein (‘1) discusses his multiple entrepreneurial journalism projects – some he had set out to do and others that emerged from his experiences and interactions with Silicon Valley.

Marcus Herbert: Adapting traditional television story forms for the digital age

2010 Knight Fellow Marcus Herbert

Herbert (’10) discusses the challenges facing television documentary makers working in science and other knowledge-based genres.

Andrew Finlayson: Researching the future of digital media and device convergence

2010 Knight Fellow Andrew Finlayson

Finlayson (’10) discusses how four key trends — mobile, video, the semantic web and social media — are going to change journalism in the next five years.

Martin Pallares: Transforming opinion journalism in Ecuador

2010 Knight Fellow Martin Pallares

Pallares (’10) discusses his plans for a multi-platform model of opinion journalism.

Maureen Fan: Exploring ways to sustain foreign reporting

2010 Knight Fellow Maureen Fan

Fan (’10) discusses China File, a prototype a website or service that would showcase the best China reporting, regardless of publication.

Mi Kyung Kim: Reporting on Multilateral Nuclear Negotiations in Northeast Asia

2010 Knight Fellow Mi Kyung Kim

Kim (’10) discusses her analysis of how journalists from South Korea, Japan and the United States have covered the six-party talks.

Andrew Purvis: Connecting U.S. media outlets and local reporters overseas

2010 Knight Fellow Andrew Purvis

Purvis (’10) discusses The Stinger Project, a web site intended to help editors in the U.S. and elsewhere find and hire local reporters.

Peter Lewis: Reviving robust environmental journalism

2010 Knight Fellow Peter Lewis

Lewis (’10) discusses a program that would train a new generation of science and environmental journalists.

Gabriel Sama: Organizing multi-platform newsrooms of the future

2010 Knight Fellow Gabriel Sama

Sama (’10) discusses new thinking about how to effectively organize and manage a 21st Century news organization.