Rural newsrooms don’t have to struggle in solitude


Newspaper closures and consolidation over the past 15 years have created “news deserts” where there are inadequate journalism resources to properly cover local governments. The trend threatens the bond between news organizations and their communities.

California leads. Its media should, too.

California Republic

If California is a virtual nation-state, where is its national media outlet?

Empathy is at the core of good design

Design Thinking

Empathy should also be at the core of good journalism

Not Gonna Lie, I’m Kinda Scared.

Mighty Woman

As I wrap an amazing year as a JSK Fellow at Stanford, I find myself thinking again and again of one of my favorite “you got this” anthems, Lily Allen’s Sheezus.

Closing the gender gap in journalism

Gender Gap

There’s lots of evidence that gender disparities in news organizations persist across media, including print, broadcast, Internet and wires.

The toll of online ads

Ad free graph

The problem, as I saw it, is that online advertising takes a greater toll on our lives than it generates in ad revenue for publishers. And everything I’ve researched this past year has confirmed that to be true.

What happens when English language learners meet English language podcasts?


News podcasts and English language learners don’t seem to talk to each other often. They don’t hang out in the same places, and so it’s unlikely they would date but if they did, they’d create sparks.

Exploring Collaborative Journalism


I wanted to talk to as many people as possible who were interested in collaboration or already doing collaborative projects. I want to know what’s working, what’s not and what needs to be better.

Will Alexa Destroy Us?

Flash Briefing

How your radio newsroom should think about smart speakers and digital assistants, and how two non-developers built a product on one

Saying ¡Gracias! for an unforgettable year as a JSK affiliate

Año Nuevo

How did I manage to saunter into a class on the unbelievably beautiful Stanford campus, with its towering palm trees and carved sandstone edifices, and get to take part, even though my undergrad days are well in the rearview mirror?

Sixty days to move

Window view

When the chance of a lifetime, getting a Stanford fellowship, also means uprooting your life, moving two kids and a house across country.

Zombie movies are a parable for collaborative journalism

Dark scene

Things are getting bad and not all of us are going to make it out alive.

Photography: The day Beyoncé entered the Influencer economy

Beyonce introduces Blue Ivy to the world in this picture released on Tumblr in 2012.

Beyoncé shook up the economy of celebrity photography by cutting off intermediaries and going directly to her audience, thus creating a new model.

Getting Even


Men and women should get mad. And then get even — as in even pay, opportunity and success.

Beyond Journalism +Computation


How can we produce high quality journalism, and reduce costs, with less income (subscription fees and advertising revenue), and fewer talented people? Because of this serious and contradictory situation, a computational approach is being aggressively pursued.

Quality for news is mostly about solving the reputation issue

News signals

Working on a quality score for publishers and authors is an effective way to mine quality from the web — and to fight fake news. To do this, we need to find, combine and weight the right “signals”.

“Creative Innovation” class at Stanford #2

“Call a food cart to school”, “Invite a famous chef to school”, “Have a potluck party” “Make a field trip to local farmers”…ideas overflowed one after another and the whiteboard was covered by a number of post-its immediately.

Wyoming should be a sanctuary state


Of course the “Equality State” should welcome refugees and immigrants. We pride ourselves as neighborly and eager to offer a “hand up” rather than a “hand out,” as the saying goes.

“Creating Innovation” classes at Stanford

“Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only MAKE.” It is this message that inspires an entrepreneurial spirit.

Journalism changes that matter: From competition to collaboration


In the long arc of our industry, this is the time when collaboration emerges as more than just a thing newsrooms do as a luxury or a novelty.

When You Can’t Escape the Road

Juan Pablo Meneses

Los Angeles Times Review of Books interview with JSK Fellow Juan Pablo Meneses.