Journalism’s rural diversity challenge

My backyard

You’ve missed so many stories because you didn’t have the diversity and perspective in your newsrooms that would have helped you understand this election better.

The World Turned Upside Down: Post Scripts from the Losing Side

Kendrick Lamar’s Alright

I share, with many Americans, the feeling that our next presidents’ campaign was fueled on racial divisiveness and the coded language of hate that has been part of the national dialogue since the days of Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

Learning like a beginner: the climb


When I moved to Palo Alto to join the 2017 JSK Fellowship cohort at Stanford University I didn’t quite expect that I would spend so much of my time being bad at things.

You go where you look


I thrive in an academic environment but beyond that I have a strong appreciation for competency in doing things.

What 3 black women taught me about cohorts, crews & the creative process

Melissa Harris-Perry (left) and Solange (right)

Hearing them talk about their work, their dreams, their hurdles and how they faced them, I was reminded that #blackgirlmagic is not the stuff of fairy tale godmothers.

The reigning absurdity in the digital news economy

NASA Machinery

Unlike its physical world ancestor, online publishing fails to reward investments in production and content quality. We urgently need to reconsider the error.

Turning the corner

Memorial Court

Three weeks into my JSK Fellowship, I feel like I’m finally figuring it out. I am not usually a woman who measures her worth on others’ performance but this group of incredible people almost requires that comparison.

Journalistic and economic values are, unfortunately, not correlated. For now.

Fuselage section of the Boeing 787

As long as digital publishing flattens the business value of content, there is little hope to improve the economics of news publishing. The problem needs to be addressed.

Profile: Collaboration in the last frontier

KRBD Alaska

How public media stations in Alaska have made collaboration into business as usual.

These are different roads

Rural road

I spent the first 18 years of my life being defined by the chaos of my circumstances. I spent the next ten figuring out what my identity outside of that world is. And now I’m finally reconciling how the two go together.

Life inside the bubble

Eucalyptus grove, Stanford University

At Stanford, in the JSK Fellowship program, in the Graduate School of Business, in the, in talks with thinkers and tinkerers, it was a new world.

How I found hope studying war crimes at Stanford

Ceasefire negotiation

What impressed me most about these exchanges was a sense of hope among the students — unlike journalists, who tend to be cynical, or government officials, who tend to be jaded.

Aiming to change the way news is delivered in 10 months, but hoping to work slowly

Fog Approaching Stanford Campus

It’s hard not to buy into the mythology that opportunity is like fog here. Most of the time it looks just like clouds, beautiful but stubbornly overhead.

Digging Data to Grow Audience


The problem inside many news organizations is that they are so hyper-focused on trying to figure out who their existing users are that they totally ignore potential users.

Everything is illuminated

Daniela Pinheiro

As a JSK Fellow, everything you think about yourself, your work, your capacity to learn, to experiment — everything is disrupted.

How a data expert deals with tech brain meltdown

Matadero Trail

Seeing the rise of “machine learning” techniques from the classroom isn’t just an amazing insight into possible software futures, it’s a window into how other disciplines are exploiting new technologies.

Creative writing is also an essential journalism tool

Tobias Wolff's creative non-fiction class

In the world today, writing that draw readers, writing con brio, is more critical than it has ever been to journalism.

Something better than a JSK Fellowship? (Hint) it starts with JSK and ends with ‘Affiliate’

Jonathan Grotenstein at Stanford

It’s a little like summer camp, if summer camp were an international coterie of passionate, whip-smart super-achievers scrambling to milk as much as they can out of a year.

How to best understand Silicon Valley? Send your kid to school in Palo Alto!

After School Drawing

You can meet with startup founders and have coffee with venture capitalists. Yet having a child attend school here provides you with the best insights as to why this area is so successful.

A world where transition and uncertainty are embraced

Whiteboard design exercise

Feeling comfortable with uncertainty, experimenting with new things, cross-pollinating between disciplines, prototyping, testing and iterating are some of the things I’ve learned at Stanford.

How I won a hackathon and helped fight online hate

The winning team

At one point during the process, I looked up at the other teams we were competing against, all of them as passionate and focused as we were — and I realized the importance of this mission.