What millennials want: ‘To show the world our world’

Getting footage

“It’s just easy to assume that millennials don’t care about real news … The news should be the same for each generation.”

Journalism has much to gain from empathy research


One of the techniques of doing empathy research is to identify places facing problems similar to the one you are addressing. We explored healthy eating habits and regular exercise at the gym in rethinking the news ecosystem.

Listening as a designer, not a journalist, helped me look deeper

The d.school bus

Instead of tackling something people are fighting against (not enough time in the day), perhaps we should be helping them see journalism as something they’re working toward.

It’s a better time than ever to be a journalist

Mariana Santos in the JSK Garage

Getting into journalism is more exciting than ever before. There are new challenges, more opportunities for a wider group of voices than ever before, and the chance to build a media career that is uniquely yours.

Fellow helping to start local news site learns to step aside

Freddy Lopez

While I am not superfluous to the process, I am of necessity secondary. Ego has to be set aside to achieve the mission — my role is not even to guide, it is to pitch in and help.

On the frontline of media’s future with a trip down virtual reality lane

Project Syria Reflection Wall

Going to this year’s Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier exhibition hall on virtual reality, you cannot help but feel as if you are seated at the front row of the future of journalism.

Dreamworks, Twitter veteran sells storytelling with storymapping

Storymapping exercise

It’s not enough to know how to tell a story; you have to know how to sell one, too. – James Buckhouse, director of content, Sequoia Capital.

15 social media tips and tools for journalists

Social media icons

Journalists can use social media as a reporting tool — to find stories, for newsgathering, research, finding interviewees and more.

A day in the life of a JSK fellow

Snapshots from JSK fellows

Take a peek into some of the ways our fellows spend their days at Stanford — a photos by JSK fellows.

Are journalism schools teaching their students the right skills?

KQED Hackathon

If you are a journalism educator or media professional, I have news for you: We work in tech.

With new collaboration, Amie Ferris-Rotman’s project takes flight

Amie Ferris-Rotman in Afghanistan

Knight Fellow Amie Ferris-Rotman’s project, Sahar Speaks!, will partner with the International Women’s Media Foundation.

“A new medium”: how virtual reality can change the news

Knight Fellows visit Jaunt

During a visit to startup Jaunt, Knight Fellows learned about the implications of virtual reality for a more immersive news experience.

“Dead trees and ink”: Todd Vogt on the future of local newspapers

A Q&A with San Francisco Media Co. president Todd Vogt on the importance and future of newspapers in the Bay Area.

From ISOJ, insights on the future of news

Knights at ISOJ

Everyone’s heard of South by Southwest. But Austin’s smaller and slightly geekier International Symposium on Online Journalism is also a big draw for Knight Fellows, staff, and alumni.

Knight Fellows take an innovation field trip to the Big Apple

BuzzFeed Newsroom

During a recent trip to the East Coast, Knight Fellows spoke with newsroom leaders in New York and Washington, D.C., about tactics for innovation.

Fail fast and bounce back: what alt-weeklies can learn from the startup mentality

Fail Forward

In a disrupted news landscape, local publications need to think like startups: try things, fail fast, and remember that life is a prototype.

What do today’s news consumers really want?


Fellows spent a Saturday asking people in San Francisco two fundamental questions: In this digital age, how do you get your news, and why?

From South Sudan to China: When global events affect fellowship projects


When South Sudan descended into violence, Knight Fellow Kennedy Jawoko had to pivot. The result is a new collaboration between Fellows.

The future of media: attention-driven and bright

Knight Fellows at the Future of Media Conference

At Stanford’s Future of Media Conference, Knight Fellows talked with digital media entrepreneurs and industry leaders about the future of journalism, TV, mobile media, and much more.

How do you make a wall talk?

Chalk Stencil

My Art in the Streets class has provided me with new insights for my journalism challenge.

Riptide: The epic collision between journalism and digital technology

Digital Riptide

Riptide authors, Twitter execs, and internet luminaries discussed the convergence of journalism