Video Stories from the 2019 JSK Fellows

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The 2019 JSK Fellows spent their 10 months at Stanford involved in a range of activities and exploring various topics. To close out the fellowship year, each fellow is sharing details of their experiences and research in video form.

The playlist below of 17 videos offers an inside look at what can be accomplished during a JSK Fellowship. We encourage you to share the individual videos, and reach out to the fellows on Twitter to discuss their work.

Fellows featured in this playlist:

  • Mandy Jenkins
  • H R Venkatesh
  • Marina Walker Guevara
  • Tom Van de Weghe
  • Akilah Johnson
  • Chris Horne
  • Sarah Shourd
  • Roman Anin
  • Katie Palmer
  • Peter DiCampo
  • Cécile Priéur
  • Laura Hertzfeld
  • Benjamin Petit
  • Joel Konopo
  • Florencia Coelho
  • Ronny Rojas
  • Geraldine Moriba