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Roman Badanin

Roman Badanin ('18)

editor-in-chief, TV Rain, Moscow (Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow)

Question: How might we secure financial sustainability of independent investigative media in Russia?

Roman Badanin is editor-in-chief of TV Rain, one of the few independent news outlets in Russia. Badanin has helped lead some of his country’s most important independent newsrooms over the past two decades. He headed the editorial department of RBC, the country’s largest independent publishing company, from 2014 to 2016. He and other leaders of RBC were forced to resign in mid-2016 under pressure from the government because of their reporting. Badanin spent several years working in leadership roles at Gazeta.ru, one of Russia’s first online news outlets. He joined Grazeta in 2001 as news editor and later headed its politics department. During the controversial parliamentary elections of 2011, Badanin was deputy editor-in-chief. After the editorial board came under intense pressure for its coverage of pre-election violations, he was forced to resign. He then became digital platform editor-in-chief of Forbes Russia. Badanin began his journalism career in 1996 at Izvestia newspaper.

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