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Soo Oh

Soo Oh ('18)

news app developer, Vox, Washington, D.C.

Question: How might we better manage and support technical journalists within newsrooms?

Soo Oh is a journalist and web developer focused on making sense of the news through data, visuals and interactives. She trained as an arts reporter in college and graduated just in time for the subprime mortgage crisis. She rode out the first couple years of the Great Recession teaching English in Seoul, then joined the Los Angeles Times as a web producer. She signed up for coding classes a year later and eventually persuaded the right people in the newsroom to walk her through development of her first JavaScript and Django apps. She has developed features, analyzed data and built newsrooms tools for Vox, the Los Angeles Times and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Posts by Soo

Here’s how newsrooms pay journalists who code, design, and analyze data

The results of OpenNews’ second News Nerd Survey confirm many hypotheses on pay equity that technical journalists discuss in backchannels. (7 minute read)

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