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Aaron Huey

Contributing editor, Harper's Magazine, Seattle, Wash.

Project: Explore how photojournalism, through radical collaboration, can grow to include more voices from the community.

Aaron Huey is a visual storyteller who works at the intersection of art, journalism and technology. In pursuing his fine arts degree at the University of Denver, he studied painting, printmaking and sculpture. After college, he shifted to photography in order to document the communities he encountered in his extensive travels – which included a five-month solo walk across America for Smithsonian Magazine and coverage of the Afghanistan drug wars for the New York Times and the New Yorker. After years working globally, Huey turned his attention to issues in the United States. Most emblematic of this work is his project on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. For more than six years, he has documented life there and his work has spawned several magazine articles, guerrilla art installations in a dozen cities, multimedia projects and a widely viewed TED talk. He works primarily for National Geographic and Harper’s, where he is an associate editor and only the second photographer to appear on the 160-year-old magazine’s masthead.

Knight Talk: Aaron Huey ('12)

Knight Talk: Aaron Huey

Huey confesses to a shortcoming in his work and reveals a revolutionary solution he’s first launching in collaboration with National Geographic magazine.

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