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H R Venkatesh

H R Venkatesh ('19)

ICFJ Knight Fellow, New Delhi

How might news organizations collaborate on fighting disinformation in communities with multiple languages, low literacy and limited internet access?

H R Venkatesh is an Indian journalist with more than 16 years experience. As an International Center for Journalists Knight Fellow in India, he works on countering disinformation and bias and works to reinvent coverage of critical health and developmental issues. He is also the founder of NetaData, a journalism project that seeks to bridge divides by creating safe spaces for debate. He is the lead organizer of the Hacks/Hackers chapter in New Delhi. In 2015, he was the editor at The Quint, and before that, director of communications at Change.org India. He was also a senior anchor at CNN-IBN for nine years. In 2009, he was a Chevening Scholar at the University of Oxford, where he earned a degree in Indian studies. He also earned degrees from Symbiosis and Bangalore universities. He is a native of Bangalore.

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