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News needfinding mission

JSK Fellows review notes of interviews with news consumers.

A JSK Fellowship is a life-changing experience. Each year, we select up to 20 fellows from around the world and bring them together for 10 months (September to June) at Stanford University, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Immersed in the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of this region, they are inspired to let go of old assumptions and learn new ways of thinking and working.

We select fellows who identify and articulate a challenge in journalism that they want to work on addressing. We expect them to arrive in the program with more questions than answers and we seek people who are eager to experiment and to change course based on what they learn along the way.

JSK Fellows learn from, and collaborate with, each other. Diversity of background, experience and viewpoints is a fundamental value of our program. We enthusiastically include spouses, partners and families in fellowship life.

If you are looking for a sabbatical, this is not the program for you. JSK Fellows spend a significant portion of their time pursuing their journalism challenges, while also taking advantage of classes and other activities at Stanford and in Silicon Valley. By the end of the program, we expect fellows to have some sort of outcome from their work on the journalism challenges. That outcome can take many forms and is often a preliminary or intermediate step toward a goal that the fellow will continue to pursue after their JSK Fellowship. Some fellows explore ideas that involve technology, others work on challenges that focus on organizational change and innovation. We are not a program focused on creating products, companies or organizations, though some fellows have ended up doing those things. We also are not a reporting fellowship.

You need to meet a few eligibility requirements and applications are accepted online. There is no single formula for identifying a journalism challenge that will assure you are selected for a JSK Fellowship. The best advice we can give you is this: Identify a challenge that you are passionate about pursuing and that is important to helping journalism.