About Us

The JSK Fellowships is committed to the pursuit of innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to improving the quality of news and information reaching the public. We support journalists who are deeply engaged in exploring solutions to the biggest challenges facing journalism.

Our fellows come from all over the world and all types of journalism. We bring them together at Stanford to learn from and collaborate with each other.

Journalism fellowships at Stanford started in 1966 with a powerful idea: giving reporters and editors free run of a great university, which would pay off in superb journalism. We grew and evolved through the next decades,  with widening support from journalism and journalists. A $4 million grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation put us on a permanently endowed basis in 1984, and the program was renamed for John S. Knight.

The original model worked well for a long time — and then in the past decade, the huge disruptions to journalism spurred us to make big changes. We transformed our program from a mid-career sabbatical model to a format focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in journalism. We have refined that idea this year, helping journalists collaborate on solutions to the biggest challenges facing journalism.

That’s how we are transforming journalism.