Simon Willison

Simon Willison ('20)
Simon Willison
JSK Journalism Fellow co-creator of Django and an engineering director, Eventbrite, San Francisco

Simon Willison is a JSK Journalism Fellow. When selected as a fellow he was an engineering director at Eventbrite. He originally joined the platform through its acquisition of Lanyrd, a Y Combinator-funded company he co-founded in 2010.

He is a co-creator of the Django Web Framework, and has been blogging about web development, programming and data journalism since 2002 at

He is the creator of Datasette, a new tool for publishing structured data as a web API. Datasette is based on his experiences working as a data journalist at the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom, where his projects included the Guardian’s crowdsourcing application for analyzing expense claims by members of Parliament.

Building tools to bring data-driven reporting to more newsrooms
How I aim to use my fellowship to develop an open source ecosystem of tools for data journalism